Miranda Waller, Founder of Jean and Temple.

Jean and Temple was born out of Miranda's frustration at not being able to find luxury, affordable T-shirts that could be thrown on, allowing her to feel chic at home while eating beans on toast, running out the door for a catch-up with friends, or off to a restaurant or bar. T-shirts that would be handy with yoga sweats or for comfort when travelling.

Miranda wanted in her own small way to prove that anyone can break down the barriers of the fashion world. Without any formal training or experience she taught herself how to design from home, then went down the 'Alice in Wonderland' rabbit hole of creating her own brand.

Miranda wanted to make sure her workers' welfare was paramount, her designs timeless, made with love and built to last by true craftspeople. If we are to be environmentally conscious, natural fibres are the only way to go. This meant making sure she had the right yarn suppliers from the point of view of both animal and environmental welfare.

Jean and Temple always opts for the thoughtful approach; whenever possible clothes are dispatched from Nepal on a full plane to minimise unnecessary, wasteful travel. Items are made in small batches, ensuring unique pieces and zero waste.

Miranda doesn't claim to have all the answers but she has started this ethical, sustainable journey and will continue to improve processes making sure that Jean and Temple's watchword is one of care - in her studio, in Nepal and in transit to your home.

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Miranda was introduced to the Buddhist approach to life. Now residing in London, she escapes to the country any chance she gets.

Miranda has always thought it's cool to be kind.